I create art out of the love between families, which I find tremendously meaningful.
As a lifestyle photographer, I strive to capture a family’s authentic moments. My families have so much heart and soul in them, and therefore, so do my photographs.
One of the best things about photographs is capturing these fleeting moments in children’s lives. Some day soon they’ll be all grown up, doing big things we can only imagine.
These are the memories families hold closest to their hearts as they grow older. Laughter, and hugs, and joy, and connection. These are only simple moments on simple days, otherwise forgotten, but now forever captured. And I think that’s a special kind of milestone all to itself.
Celebrating our Heritage
Family photos allow us to celebrate our heritage-who we are. They help us to connect with our ancestors! When we look at photos of our grandparents and family members who have lived 100 years before we were born, we can learn about how we came to be. We can hear about our history and where we came from. This is how we see the traditions that have been passed down through our generations; these photos give us a great connection to our past.
Think about the future when your children are grown up. What if they did not have any photos of themselves when they were younger? It is almost as if they did not exist. Having tangible photos to pass down to your family members is KEY to establishing your legacy and heritage.

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